January 31, 2018

About Us

Superior Product Solutions

The company is owned and operated by Rob Ladouceur who has almost 30 years of experience in the Foodservice, Healthcare and Retail markets. Pervious experience includes companies such as Kraft Foods, PepsiCo, Highliner Foods, William Dunne Foodbrokers. Having been in the brokerage business in the past he has also had experiences with companies such as Mother Parkers, Campbell’s Soup, Gourmet Baker, Italpasta and more. He has also been able to work and build his experiences with many distributors in both foodservice and retail channel. Rob shares a life long passion for Sales and Marketing and has built his Brand by developing strong relationships from end users to distributors and supply chain. The enthusiastic vision of the Superior Product Solutions company  is to be one of best Sales and Marketing groups in Ontario.


Rob Ladouceur:

With 25 years’ experience in sales, the past 15 years with corporate giants like Kraft and PepsiCo, I have worked hard to develop a reputation that has built strong rapport with my customers. Building these strong relationships have both helped me achieve personal success while benefitting my customers needs. I am a driven individual that operates with absolute integrity and moral. Superior Product Solutions is goal-oriented to achieve manufacturers’ expectations, staying focused on opportunities and solutions to provide results for myself and my customers. With Superior Product Solutions I will continue to develop and build on those strengths to help forge strong relationships with my principals, as well as my customers.